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Is Your Toilet Clogged?

We have the tools to get rid of the toughest clogs. Because toilets are used numerous times throughout the day it is no wonder that they sometimes get stopped up. If there is a household member who uses too much toilet paper or someone who forgets and flushes feminine hygiene items, the chances of a clog developing is rather high.

Most clogs can be cleared by using a common plunger, but when the clog is shoved far into the drainpipe the suction cannot reach and the clog will not budge. This is when you need more powerful solutions. When one of our plumbers arrives at your home, you can expect him or her to inspect the situation carefully and recommend the appropriate repair or drain cleaning solution to take care of the problem right away.

Precise Toilet Repairs

Clogged toilets are the only toilet problems we solve. If you have a broken toilet seat, a busted handle, or the hardware inside your toilet is causing the unit to not flush properly, we have the tools and parts to make onsite repairs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Did you install the toilet yourself? Sometimes the way a toilet is installed can affect how it performs. While we certainly commend any DIY efforts, installing a toilet is not as easy of a job as it may appear. If your hardware is fine and there are not any clogs in the drainpipe or sewer line, there may be an issue with the installation. Let us take a look and get your toilet working as good as new in no time at all.

We Repair Leaky Toilets

Toilet leaks are not pleasant. When water leaks from your toilet, it puts your flooring, cabinets, and ceilings (if the toilet is on a second level) at risk for water damage. Usually when a toilet seeps water from the base the problem is nothing more than a damaged seal. However, you need to remove the toilet to know for sure and make the repair.

Another kind of toilet leak that can cause another type of damage is the leak that presents itself as a toilet than runs constantly. This leak may not cause water damage, but it can do a great deal of damage to your bank account. When a toilet runs for a long period of time, it is using as much as two gallons of water every minute. The longer it takes you to fix the problem, the more money you’ll end up wasting unless you turn the water off to the toilet. And, why would you inconvenience yourself anymore?

When toilet problems strike, don’t run away or hide from the problem. Instead call the plumbers in Granada Hills, CA, who have the expertise, tools, and practice to make any and all toilet repairs. Give us a call right now for plumbing service and we’ll make your problems –well, your plumbing problems that is – go away today!