Top Rated Drain Cleaning and Sewer Line Repair Company in Granada Hills

For the last 25 years, My Granada Hills Plumber Hero has been clearing drains and removing sewer line obstructions for residential and commercial customers. Our services are highly sought after in the community and we have continuously been rated as the top plumber in Granada Hills. In fact, we clean more drains and repair more sewer lines than any other company in town. All of our plumbers are local, which cuts down on our response time making us not only efficient but fast. When you want expert drain repair, don’t waste time with other plumbers in town. Call the best for exceptional service every single time!

Our Drain Cleaning Services Keep Your Plumbing System Healthy

How often do you think about the drains in your home? If you are being honest, the truth is that it is probably not often. Most people don’t give their drains a second thought until the water stops flowing or they start to smell. At My Granada Hills Plumber Hero, we know that our customers are busy, which makes it even more difficult to remember to pay attention to your drains. That is why we offer not only emergency drain cleaning service, but preventive maintenance services as well.

Don’t let your drains get the better of you. Give us a call to learn about our power drain cleaning solutions and hydro jetting service!

Sewer Line Inspections Save Money

When was the last time you had your sewer line inspected? Yep, that’s what we thought. Like the drains in your home or business, the sewer line is another part of the plumbing system that often goes unnoticed. Inspecting your sewer line is important, though. All it takes is for a clog to form or a tree root to grow over the line creating an obstruction for your sewer line to break. When this happens, repairs can become quite costly.

By scheduling an appointment for a sewer line camera inspection, our technicians can see deep into your line and take action immediately to prevent catastrophic failure. We utilize a variety of low-cost methods such as trenchless sewer line repair to take care of problems right away. We are known for providing the best sewer line repair in Granada Hills, CA.

24/7 Services for You

You don’t have to wait days for expert service from an industry certified plumber in Granada Hills. We offer same day service as well as after-hours emergency service. Give us a call today to learn more about our 90-minute response guarantee!